Shredder VZ

Our CHEMA Pre-shredder (VZ) is a universal shredder system consisting of a robust machine housing and a cutting mechanism which uses two parallel cutting shafts which are driven by a counter rotating mechanism.


The cutting blades are firmly attached to the cutting shafts and are fitted with feed hooks They rotate past each other with little clearance, cutting the material with their edges. By choosing the right relationship between the width of the cutting blades to the number of hooks per blade it is possible to obtain a precisely defined shreeded result, which in a later process, ca be separated into specific sizes using a sieve.

The core mechanism is fitted to the cutting shafts using a rigid coupling an d mounted using dampers in order to compensate for the torque caused after processing obstructive material.

Outages caused due to swapping worn cutting shafts are reduced to a minimum by quick change coupling. This allows the complete cutting shaft to be taken out of the machine housing in a few steps without the effort of removing the cutting blades and bushings.

Then new cutting shafts are placed into the machine housing and are bolted in. The machine can be started within a short amount of time.

An even feed of material is guaranteed by differing the rotational speed of the cutting shafts. This results in an off-set of the material feedi hooks preventing the material that has to be shredded from “dancing” on top of the cutting shafts.

Optionally a hydraulic mechanism to push heavier materials, such as furniture or large tyres, into the cutting unit. The shredder can still be retrofitted later. Depending on the usage scenario there are a number of different machine sizes, motors and cutting blade widths available. Our specialists are happy to advise you to select the correct machine model.

Your advantages when using the VZ

  • Patented system for the quick exchange of the knives
  • Processing of the most difficult materials
  • Prevention of broken shafts and guarantee of machine protection
  • Gears are protected from overloading by a special bearing
  • Robust funnel
  • Retrofittable hydraulic pushing device
  • Can be used in almost every area of comminution
  • Sturdy and yet modern design

All VZ models at a glance

Typ VZ 95/120 - 55 VZ 110/130 - 75 VZ 125/180 - 75 VZ 140/160 - 132
Power (kW) 2 x 55 2 x 75 2 x 75 / 90 2 x 132
Measures cutting unit (mm) 950 x 1200 1100 x 1300 1250 x 1800 1400 x 1600
Number of blade shafts 2 2 2 2