Granulator NZ

Our product is a single-rotor shredder which is fitted with cutting blocks, the number of which depends on the shredder size. As the blocks rotate, material is pushed against the one or two opposing static blades and is shredded. The material is shredded until it reaches a shredded size which enables it to pass through the sieve. The diameter of the sieve´s holes defines the anticipated size of the output material. An optional hydraulic mechanism is available to feed material into the shredding process. This increases significantly the throughput, especially for light materials.

The NZ technology

Different materials require different processing systems. The increasing variaty of materials handled by the recycling industry require individual solutions. The input material is basically separated into light and heavy material. CHEMA addresses these demands by offering two types of system which are built for the relevant input material.

Light materials

Refuse such as paper and PET out of the “dual system” are counted as light materials. The NZ-AS1 has been built for these materials. A reduction in operation costs and better results can be achieved through a bespoke design of the stator which leads to a better return on investment. The biggest innovation are the adjustable stator blades. While the blades of other similar shredders can only be worn up to 5mm before they require replacement, the stator blades of the NZ-AS1 shredder can be worn up to 30mm before replacement is required. This means, even without taking the higher capacity into account, there is also a reduction in the blade replacement outages and the operation cost.

NZ-AS1 technical features

  • Cutting slot adjustments via adjustments screws
  • 30mm of stator blade adjustments
  • Standardised blades which can be used up to 4 times
  • Special bearing protection through stepped bearings
  • Optional variable frequency mechanism which can adjust the rotation speed and torque for different materials

Heavy material

CHEMA developed the NZ–AS for heavy materials and/or the highest uptime and automasation requirements. The NZ-AS can be equipped with two stators (AS1 or AS2). The 2nd stator allows for a doubled shredding process, resulting in a higher outcome. The incoming material is caught by the rotor and is shredded at the first stator blade. From there it is moved to the sieve. Material that still is too big for this sieve is fed again via rotation through the post-shredding process, to stator 2 and stator 1. Through a special positioning of the 2nd stator, a high proportion of fine grained output is achievable.

NZ-AS technical features

  • Rotating stator with protector
  • Electrohydraulic cutting slot adjustment
  • Usage of standardised blades that can be used up to four times
  • Easily changeable rotor blades.
  • Special bearing protection via offset bearing
  • Optional variable frequency mechanism which can adjust the rotation speed and torque for different materials

Your advantages when using the NZ

  • Reduced standstill times thanks to the patented quick cutting slot adjustment at your premises
  • Continuous high throughput
  • Constant output quality
  • Minimal maintenance effort
  • Reduced labor costs for service
  • Protection against foreign objects
  • Wear and tear parts are easily exchanged due to easy access and the hydraulically
  • swivelling screen system

All NZ models at a glance

Model NZ 80/120 AS1 NZ 80/160 AS1 NZ 100/120 AS1 NZ 100/200 AS1
Power (kW) 160 - 250 200 - 315 250 - 315 315 - 400
Rotor speed (rpm) 0 - 420 0 - 420 0 - 420 0 - 420
Working width (mm) 1200 1600 1.000 2000
 Flying circle (mm) 800 800 1.000 1.000
Number of stator knives 2 x 6 2 x 8 2 x 6 2 x 10
Number of rotor knives 36 48 36 80
Number of screen segments 3 4 3 5