The Arnstadt/Thuringia-based company Chema is able to look back on 100-year-old history in industry.

Due to the company´s experience of so many years and its well-founded expertise, Chema has earned among its customers the reputation as a competent partner for sophisticated and demanding tasks.

Its environment division has specialized in the development and construction of innovative recycling solutions. Chema Environment GmbH benfits from the use of a great pool of various manufacturing and technology resources and is thus able to maximize the customer´s benfit.

Chema provides environmentally-sound recycling and resource recovery for refrigerators, appliances, electronic waste, tires.

Momentarily, more than 50 employees of Chema Environment GmbH contribute their expertise regarding technical and procedural specialties of recycling technology, and plan, construct and produce customized single machines and complete plants in many areas of the recycling sector.

  • Patented innovation
  • Experience and reliability
  • Flexibility
  • International know-how
  • Machinery and plant engineering